Medical Claims Meet Markets

Technology that transforms government and commercial insurance claims into a $2TN asset class.

The first blockchain-powered platform that simplifies and streamlines the securitization of medical claim obligations of the US government and AAA-rated commercial insurance carriers as short-term impact bonds for investors and low-cost liquidity for hospitals and health systems.

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Frictionless Finance

The New Way to Invest in the Healthcare Reimbursement Ecosystem

It’s no longer clear that the term fixed income still applies. Assuming the Federal Reserve hits its 2% inflation target, that means you would lose 1% a year in real terms, holding basic high-quality fixed income in your portfolio. That’s a problem. An asset that used to deliver a real return for your portfolio may not do so in future.


The alternative: Bonds backed by U.S. government and AAA-rated commercial insurance claims.

  • What Investors Get

    Risk-adjusted returns on ethical, socially-responsible claim payment and reimbursement models of tomorrow that can have a huge impact today.

  • What Hospitals Receive

    Low-cost liquidity, claim payment certainty and advanced analytics to facilitate the movement to new reimbursement models.

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Double Bottom Line

Profit & Purpose

Value-based care models, increasingly popular alternatives to existing fee-for-service reimbursement, constitute an impact investment opportunity in which improved quality of care is rewarded with monetary returns — a win-win for all affected parties (patients, providers, payers, and investors).

Tailwinds indicate value-based care models will continue to gain prominence. Now, forward-thinking investors can proactively leverage this impact bond growth opportunity.

Claims-backed bonds help hospitals and health systems participate in “quality of care” vs “quantity of care claim” payment models—an ESG opportunity that has a positive impact on the entire healthcare ecosystem.

  • Yield & Liquidity

  • Risk-Mitigating Features

  • Real Time Monitoring

Our Partner

The Company We Keep

We partner with industry leaders in claim payment expectancy and alternative payment models to accelerate our capabilities as hospitals transition from traditional “heads in beds” business models. Our partner furthers our mission to provide low-cost liquidity and improve financial outcomes, so health care organizations have more resources to devote to patient care.

About Us


The company represents a team of structured finance and capital markets industry veterans who have extensive experience providing risk management solutions and strategic advisory services to some of the nation’s largest commercial and investment banks and their healthcare clients.